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[SIMULADOR] - Cities Skylines by Colossal Order!
« em: Junho 07, 2017, 12: 33 »

Developer: Colossal Order
Publisher: Paradox Interactive AB
Plataforma: PC
Género: Simulação
Cities: Skylines  um jogo que pretende simular a construo de uma cidade! Desenvolvido pela Colossal Order e publicado pela Paradox Interactive, foi lançado em 10 de maro de 2015 para Microsoft Windows, OS X e Linux. O jogo  simulação de construo de uma cidade, singleplayer e open-ended.
Fresh out of gamescom Paradox Interactive has just announced Cities: Skylines for PC, and it is coming from the same team that developed Cities In Motion. The developer has confirmed that Skylines will have mod support from day one, have a 36km squared size map, will be available to play offline, and you can create your own regulation laws in different districts. There will also be curved roads!

Its quite obvious that Paradox saw the backlash against EA with SimCity, and makes sure to draw attention to the things that outraged those fans by stating they wont have to worry about them here. Youll be able to interact with neighbouring cities by drawing their inhabitants to come and try the attractions of your city. Wonders will also play a part in making your city stand out from the others too. Theres also water flow simulation that will add new challenges to managing the water needs of your city.


! No longer available

Guia que ajuda a obter os monumentos que requerem situações negativas na cidade:
- I kept my citizens sick by zoning industrial in the middle of residential, and not building any clinics. (Lazaret Plaza)
- I had a ton of industrial, expanding whenever there was demand. (Statue of Industry) I didn't build any education buildings, so citizens stayed uneducated.
- I waited to build landfills until I'd unlocked the Mall of Moderation.
- As soon as I hit enough population to unlock high density zones, I lowered all tax rates to 4% until I had a negative balance (Posh Mall, Statue of Shopping) then raised them back up to 9%.
- The crime rate over 50% for 5 weeks (Court House) was the hardest. Even with no police stations, it hovered at 3540%. Unemployment causes crime rate to rise, so I de-zoned all of my industrial at once. This unlocked the Oppression Office (unemployment > 50%) pretty fast, but people moved out too quickly for the crime rate to rise. I had to rebuild my industry, then de-zone it bit by bit. Eventually I got crime rate holding at 5051%.
- The last step was the most fun. Raise all taxes to the maximum, driving people out of town. Voil,Observatory unlocked. Screenshot[1] of what that looked like.