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Tactical Battlefield - A PvP Modification | SQUAD LIKE
« on: December 27, 2015, 21: 06 »

I am proud to announce the release of Tactical Battlefield (TacBF). This mod introduces new Team vs Team (aka Player vs Player) game play features to Arma 3 with gritty new game modes, missions within a standardised environment and consistent rules. Tactical Battlefield takes teamwork and tactics to a new level. TacBF has been under development on different versions of the ARMA engine for around 7 years and is brought to you by me (Dr Eyeball) and Wormeaten, with the support of and the Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG] Arma communities.

Visit for more information and to join the discussion.

Tactical Battlefield already has an established community of players who regularly play, communicate, and coordinate together in teams, sharing tactics, support, and resources and doing everything they can to shoot, kill, and blow each other up in nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, gritty combat!
around 20x Team vs Team multiplayer missions ranging in size from Tiny to Huge, with specially-designed main bases and in-built mission voting feature.
Game modes
- Advance and Secure (A&S) - Both sides fight tooth-and-nail to dominate objectives in this dynamic and challenging game mode, or until the enemy is worn down to the nub and their 'tickets' run out.
- Attack and Defend (A&D) - Like A&S, but one side is on the Defensive and occupies key positions while the other side Attacks. Lost objectives can never be re-captured. Failure to capture a single objective by the attacking team will result in defeat.
- Search and Destroy (S&D) - Gather intel (documents & maps) by searching bodies, seek out and destroy Resistance weapons caches amidst suicide-bombers and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED).
Teamwork-focused gear restrictions with pre-configured but customisable loadouts, including Squad Leader, Medic, Engineer, Light Anti-Tank, Heavy Anti-Tank, Marksman, Sniper, Crewman, Pilot etc. Say goodbye to AT Sniper Pilots!
Weapon resting
Reduced muzzle climb and deploy bi-pods via our customized TMR code.
Suppression effect
By suppressing your enemy with accurate fire, he will temporarily experience gradual shake and vision blur, enabling realistic infantry tactics for suppression fire and assault elements. This code is exclusive, has been developed specifically for Tactical Battlefield, and has been tested, tweaked, and approved by about 40 testers.
Wind effects on ballistics

Marksmanship is now a real skill with support for the server-side VTS ballistics addon.
Squad Management and map features
Join or create a Squad with a customised call-sign, and recruit new members. Toggle player name-tags. Designate fire teams and leaders and coordinate with other Squads. With special map features, assign orders, report enemy, request support.
Transporting assets using the cargo system, eg. loading containers into towed trailers.
Outposts and respawns
Deploy a respawn point or build your own fortified Forward Outposts with Hesco barriers, barbed wire and mounted weapons.
Advanced Medical
Includes diagnosis, CPR, Adrenaline auto-injectors, morphine and bandages.
Vehicle Maintenance System
Rearm, repair and refuel APCs, tanks, helicopters, and planes.