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Congratulations for the race to everyone and I apologize, because my wheel decided to stop working, and sometimes went slowly without being able to use the gears.

Parabéns pela corrida para todos e peço desculpas, porque minha roda decidiu parar de trabalhar, e às vezes fui devagar sem poder usar as marchas.


New Speedymite Racing Team skins  #18, #96, #97

Send by PM.

Hi guys¡

Where I understand , new update for cars(S397).   We need to send new skins with features adds......

Atlist server is ON but not cars to choosing¡¡¡


PM enviado SKINs Speedymite Racing

Equipa: Speedymite Racing
Carro: P3
Piloto: Antonio Navarro
Pintura personalizada: Sim

Equipa: Speedymite Racing
Carro: P3
Piloto: Sito Rivera
Pintura personalizada: Sim

First of all , thank the organization for the pleasure of having a very pleasant time with you. also give congratulations to the lspping cars for the good work. On the other way I apologize for the touch with the Caspian team disputing the first position. We hope to see you in the next one. Muito obrigado

- Equipa: SpeedyMite Racing
- Carro: P3
- Piloto: Antonio Navarro
- Pintura Personalizada: Não

Apresentação / Apresentacao Antonio Navarro
« on: February 02, 2019, 19: 36 »
Hi guys,

How is it going for all? I’m here by Carlos recommendations to join with good people and have a nice time driving together.

Best Regards .


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