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titleDigital Combat Simulator / Caucasus Pendulum
« on: August 30, 2019, 18: 09 »
Malta, encontrei esta missão e parece-me muito interessante para os nossos voos e parece-me muito apropriada tanto para o A-10C como para o A-10C conuntamente com o F-18.

Operação Caucasus Pendulum.

"What is it?
Caucasus Pendulum is a PvE/PvP endless mission.
The mission is scripted dynamically using MOOSE, a mission will never be the same as another one.
AI CAP and CAS units are randomized and spawn from different templates with random skill levels to create a different experience every time the mission runs.

Link com descrição detalhada:

"Hello guys.
I was reading the forum this weekend, between work for the next hotfix, and at some point I got hit by a, not so gratifying, realization.

First of all, let me start by thanking all of you for being so active in AC and in our forums. Thank you for the bugs reporting and thank you for the features request. Yes I know some of you might think I just got crazy, looking at all the features requests that this forum is full with, but let's be honest. It is also your contributions and activity that keep us pushing, so yeah it's all part of the game and when we are not mad with you for asking so many features, we really like you :D

AC is a driving simulator. Yes I know, you want a thousand more features for multiplayer and a thousand more fixes for AI so that you can race. I accept that. We are working on it. Please don't abuse me about it on this thread and let all the above out of it.

It is a driving sim. If you bought it and you're using it and you like it (you are free to not like it of course) it is because you like cars... and driving. We do too and believe me, we go into a great deal to make the driving as good as possible. Laser scan tracks (yeah yeah ok, zandvoort is not LS), highly detailed and accurate driving model, officially licensed cars and so on...

Where are the driving threads? Where are the circuit hints and tips and line discussion threads? Where are the car setup and car handling and driving technique threads?

Let me explain what I mean one thing at a time.
After iRacing (all hail Lord Kaemmer he deserves it, like it or not), AC is the second sim to have almost (yeah,yeah..) of its circuits laser scanned.
Before iR you could drive on a circuit and take almost any turn in the most classical way. Wide on turn in, apex, wide turn out. Do the widest arc, change the apex position depending what follows, that was it. With iR and AC now, you got all the little cambers changes and elevation changes and bump details that we didn't had before. And yet, nobody is talking about each circuit little secrets. Just to make an example, I haven't saw any discussions about how you need to stay in the middle of the track width on the turn in of Vallelunga's "Semaforo" curve or the early double apex you need to take at "Campagnano"... In real life, people go to those turns and look who is driving the track for the first time and who knows the "secrets" just by looking at their lines.
There are tons of other secrets on all the other circuits. Heck we even did a partnership with RSR Nurburg so that we could take their thousands laps knowledge of the Nordschleife and put the correct braking, turn in and apex points that real drivers use on the real track...

There are thousands of people out there that still do not know that you should lower the pressure of the road tyres and even more on the semislick tyres to make the road car behave better on the circuits. They do not know they should use as much camber as possible at the front of the road cars... it is limited anyway, so everylittle helps.
I see no setup specific discussions on the race cars. Even interesting features we put in, like the fact that you need to "break in" the soft tyres in GT3 cars, are being reported as bugs usually, because "my car must be perfect anytime, every time, all the time".
Where are the discussions about long distance testing with a mercedes C9 for example? Which turbo boost is better to use to save fuel and tyres but have the best performance?
I see lot's of discussion about which conditions are "more realistic" because aliens are 3 secs faster than the real life or whatever.
I say **** it! I don't care about that, put it on whatever conditions you like, but let me know about the line and why you choose that setup instead of another and how you do that turn in that condition. Talk about driving you know!

I could go on forever... Someone will probably think I'm getting old and/or frustrated by work so I just want to rant about something else. But to be honest I'm not, and I'm not surprised the situation is like it is, because I've been through all this since 1998. I've been league admin, big forum admin, made mods, made a blog, even made a wikipedia about car setups and handling (something is still saved here I think ) and I know by experience that people have little interest on their actual passion and seem to enjoy more complaining and asking for extra stuff.
But I'm still curious to understand why and willing to risk my face on it and ask people to do differently.

So, please don't stop asking for more, don't stop criticizing the bugs and our work. Continue doing it. It's normal, it's needed, we -almost- like it... :D

But please discuss more of the passion of driving. I think it will make this place better for everybody."


Mods / [REL] Porsche 550 spyder
« on: July 27, 2015, 11: 34 »
Não experimentei mas tem bom aspecto.


Conversa da Treta / Parabéns Fábio Assunção!
« on: July 23, 2015, 21: 47 »
Um dos verdadeiros aliens do forum mas também conhecido por limpa muros, um grande abraço de parabéns!

Mods / [WIP] DRM
« on: July 23, 2015, 09: 54 »
Eu sei de pelo menos dois ou três que não vão desgostar nada de andar nestes meninos. A equipa que os faz é a mesma de sempre que já vem do Rfactor.
Já agora, como é que coloco os links dos vídeos de forma a aparecerem imagens?

Project CARS 1 e 2 / Primeiro video do PCars2. Será verdade?
« on: June 25, 2015, 12: 07 »
Encontrei isto num fórum internacional e gostaria de saber se é verdade ou não.

Ainda não experimentei mas no fórum do AC dizem que funciona bem.
Acho que basta definir antes da corrida a estratégia e depois na box basta clicar na tecla pré-definida e voilá.
Têm de sacar a versão para a resolução do vosso monitor.

titleAssetto Corsa / Five car pack
« on: April 13, 2015, 16: 26 »
Antes de começarem as queixas lembrem-se:
Quem faz as físicas, os sons e os 3D dos carros não são os mesmos que corrigem os bugs do costume. :crazy:

Conversa da Treta / Jeremy Clarkson fora da TopGear
« on: March 10, 2015, 19: 19 »
Julgo que não é preciso grandes explicações sobre o quanto esta notícia diz respeito a todos os amantes de carros.

titleAssetto Corsa / 1.1 beta1
« on: February 24, 2015, 17: 12 »
Aind não é claro se este update que acabou de sair é programado ou foi fruto de um acidente não previsto.
Tem alguns aspectos estranhos mas animadores como na lista das pistas já aparecer a Nordschleife, com 3 versões. Normal, Tourist e Endurance com o circuito de Nurburgring incluido embora não dê para correr nas mesmas.
Tem outro aspecto que pode comprometer as corridas aqui na PTsims durante os próximos dias.
Parece que os carros e pistas addon deixaram de funcionar por ter havido alteração nas físicas, mas já há malta no forum a explicar os procedimentos para os actualizar
Seja como for, já está disponível e aqui lica o log.

1.1 beta1
- Fixed tyre fake shadows in slowmo replay
- Improved AI
- Added custom head movements per car (driver3d.ini)
- Driver helmet/head now cast shadows in onboard camera
- Added custom weather selection
- Improved Pedals App
- Rendering performance optimizations
- Particle rendering optimiziations
- Render Stats form now features units
- Added "final" damage for high speed impacts
- Added quality settings to replay that allow up to 4x longer replays
- Fixed driver shift preload animation at race start
- Fixed camera car not using FOV value
- Fixed AI choosing wrong (slow) tyres
- Updated FMod to 1.05.12
- Tweaked exterior reverb parameters
- Tweaked envelopment values for some sound events
- Improved positional surface sounds
- Fixed wind and tyre rolling noise
- Fixed doppler effect for rev limiter and horn
- Fixed FOV in mirrors, now editable in system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini
- AI race starts greatly improved
- Fixed wrong shadow resolution when moving through F6 camera car cameras
- Fixed graphics not following dynamic track grip levels in Multiplayer
- Fixed "fast" height evaluation for validating setup ignoring tyre pressure
- FPS caps is now compatible with the new 1ms resolution timer
- Suicidal server admins are now a protected species and not allowed to kick themselves anymore
- Adjusted fuel consumption for most of the cars
- UI now understand fuel range relative to car and track and adjust maximum race lap count automatically for quick races and race weekends against the AI
- Added 4WD simulation in drivetrain.ini
- Added live axle suspension geometry
- [DATA] section in aero.ini is now obsolete and must be eliminated. HEADER=2 is mandatory if damage is used.
- AC now support multiple configurations on circuits
- A to B gameplay options for hillclimb tracks and specific circuits that support.
- Tyre pressures can now be shown in digital_instruments.ini
- Limited static weather situations can now be selected from the UI. Weather is also moddable.
- Time Attack now has a global multiplier that controls the amount of time available for the first checkpoint.
- Customizable TrackIR rotation range.
- Chat window now supports full Unicode charset

Ainda ontem depois de reinstalar do zero o Assetto Corsa, deixei de conseguir mudar a resolução e os Hz do mesmo. Isto fez com que no meu caso o jogo corresse com uma taxa de varrimento estranhíssima causando imensos stutters e falta de fluidez apesar de ter sempre mais de 100 FPS.
Se tiverem um quadrado branco aqui então continuem a ler este tópico.


Por incrivel que pareça, isto não é um bug do AC mas um bug da steam e tem de ser a mesma a resolver. A Kunos já está a par da situação e com o novo update, irá ser submetido à steam o novo código do jogo para que a steam faça um update à mesma e este problema se resolva. Entretanto aqui fica a solução temporária para meter os settings correctos.
Em primeiro lugar têm de saber o index number do vosso jogo. Este número é diferente para cada jogador e para o saberem têm de abrir (importante: ao invés do notepad usem o wordpad para abrir)  o ficheiro launcher.log que está em ...\Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\.
No fim encontrarão umas linhas com as resoluções e hz disponíveis e o vosso index number respectivo.
Por exemplo, no meu caso, se quiser 1920x1080 com 60 Hz o index number a usar será 43.

Depois de terem este index number têm de abrir o ficheiro video.ini que está em ...\\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\  ( importante: é o ficheiro que está em documents... e não o que está na pasta do AC C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\cfg)
e metam as linhas com os vossos valores de resolução, index e refresh (ou actualizem caso já lá estejam).

No final, apesar de continuarem a não conseguir aceder a estas opções dentro jogo, já sabem que pelo menos já as têm correctas.

titleDigital Combat Simulator / Novo video do Nevada.
« on: January 26, 2015, 03: 09 »
Não é daqueles grafismos que me deixa de queixo caído, mas está bem melhor que o actual. E tendo em conta a falta de desenvolvimento de jeito nos últimos anos, qualquer coisa serve para lavar a vista aos dinossauros do ar aqui da PTSims. Vamos lá a ver se voamos nisto antes de 2020.

E também um post no facebbok do Matt Wagner sobre o DCS F18, que a julgar pelo andamento irá dar muito prazer aos meus netos.

"How is progress coming on the F/A-18C and do we have an estimated year/quarter for when we might see it?

Work on the F/A-18C continues and will accelerate in 2015. There are new technical challenges that this aircraft has posed. The first is the air-to-surface radar, which is now showing good results. The second major area is a PFM for supersonic aircraft. In many ways, the F-15C and Su-27 have been used as test-beds to build the technology for the Hornet flight model. Without a doubt, this has been the most complex and challenging aircraft that Eagle Dynamics has developed. As such, this project is taking longer than any of our prior products. -Matt Wagner, Eagle Dynamics Producer"

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