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rFactor / HDR Plugin
« on: April 15, 2008, 10: 01 »
Para todos os graphic whores, um plugin que implementa hdr no rFactor (e nos outros simuladores GMotor2). Pessoalmente não acho grande piada, mas sempre dá para tirar umas screens mais engraçadas:

Exemplos, unedited

Mods / Brabham BT52
« on: January 07, 2008, 10: 14 »
Brabham BT52 1.1

By: Santa rF
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 06-Jan-08
Current release: 1.1, on 08-Jan-08


This mod can be selected via:

Absolute All Cars All Tracks

The car is located at:

1983 F1 > Brabham

1.1: New package with fixes and a new rFm.

Mods / F1 1988
« on: January 04, 2008, 18: 20 »
Muito boas noticias, o Carrera.4 confirmou que vai lançar os carros de 1988 este ano, o mod vai a 80%. Conhecendo as fantasticas pistas dele, este mod pode vir a ser algo de especial.

F1 1988 carrera.4 1.00

By: carrera.4
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 18-Jan-08
Current release: 1.000, on 12-Apr-08

Patch 1.01

Hi all
Since release of V0.9 I worked almost on the missing teams and physics.

After release of V1.0 the work still continues because there is everytime some space for improvements.

changements since V0.9:

- all 31 cars (18 Teams) are included, so you need to set opponents:30 to have a full grid.

- physics are revised a bit: downforce reduced 25% , gearboxes are not more semiautomatic and a few more things.Old setup dont work anymore.

- new sounds from Montesky that have done a fantastic job.
Every type of engine has his own sound.

- little graphic improvements like helmet size etc.
- new pace-car Porsche 959


Big Thanks to Montesky that have done the complete soundpack.

I release also a trackpack with 7 tracks. Included are all my tracks I created in the past.
They are renamed to V1.1 with some bug-fixing and they are all in 1 directory now.
The work continues on the tracks and my target is to have in the future all tracks for this season

Patch 1.01
This is needed because a lot of people have problem with blocking tyres
when downshifting even with autoclutch.

Pistas / Putnam Park
« on: December 31, 2007, 14: 35 »
Putnam Park 1.0

By: Global Motorsport Technologies
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 31-Dec-07
Current release: 1.0, on 31-Dec-07


Mais uma pista de grande qualidade do The Lonely e SLN

Mods / BMW 320 E21
« on: December 21, 2007, 10: 29 »
BMW 320 E21 1.01

By: dmatzies
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 20-Dec-07
Current release: 1.01, on 09-Feb-08

Conversão legal do mod do GTL.

Update 1.0->1.01


UPDATE 1.01 ******************************************************


I Would have renounced an update with pleasure, but the performance/bugs in the version 1.0 made it necessary. I hope it was the last update....


- visible front suspension in the cockpitview (online)

- fps performance

- transparency of the banner


Installation: unpack the rar-file in the rfactor root folder



After one month of RC1 the version 1.0 comes today.

Please read the manual AND THE CHANGELOG after the installation in the rFactor root folder. For example, the garage setupfiles can not be used more. It's very important to read the file...

You can install the Version 1.0 over the RC1, deinstallation of the RC1 is not required.

Have fun with the "new" BMW 320 E21.



The development of the suspension / physics was only with the FFB MENU implemented and tested.

In my opinion, for RealFeel users is it the best way to set the FFBMixerRealFeelPercent in the RealFeel.ini to 0 and use the ISI FFB, it works fine with the BMW 320.

Otherwise If you have settings for the RealFeel-PlugIn, please post it into the section 'RealFeel' on right side.

Thanks Dennis

Mods / Rallycross Group B 1.0
« on: December 15, 2007, 11: 54 »
Rallycross Group B 1.0

By: Madcowie and Hooty, Mack Mechanic, Sam84, Rich Ward, Ivos Sadistiko, Chris Davies
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 14-Dec-07
Current release: 1.0, on 14-Dec-07


Rallycross Group B 1.0 will include:-

5 Group B Rallycross Cars with a total of 38 painted cars. These skins are mainly real skins with a few fantasy skins made up by painters. We basically gave each mod member a car of there choice.

All cars share the same physics (800+ BHP, 4wd). The aerodynamic options on the S4, T16 and RS200 are purely for looks. Default setup isnt the greatest. If you catch me online I will be more than happy to give it out. I pretty much use the same setup for all tracks.

The track pack includes Blyton, Blyton MCR (Fantasy version of Blyton), Brands Hatch Rallycross 90s layout, LFSRX (new version) and Croft Rallycross (Home of the superprix each November)

RFC World Rallycross Championship will use these 5 tracks.

Brands Hatch Rallycross Croft Rallycross Lyngas RX Chateauroux Mid Ohio RX (fantasy track with special thanks to James Burroughs for letting me modify his track)


Rallycross Group B will be made up with the monsters from the 90s including RS200, T16, 6R4, S4 and Audi. RS200 and Peugeot T16 are made from scratch and with special thanks to Frank55 we have his permission to put in his HRC group Bs with our own physics and tweaks. Some of the cars will show of Aerodynamic tweaks which have been used in rallycross in this era.

Rallycross Group B Mod will be bought to you by:-

Madcowie - T16, physics, aerodynamic changes and various other bits

Hooty256 - RS200, physics and various input

Sadistiko - Thanks to RFC we found a great man for the job of painting.

Rich Ward - Thank you to Rich for all his help in alot of areas. The man knows his stuff and he can also paint. Painted many of the 6r4s and a few others.

Chris Davies - King of videos!! (intro video)

Sam 84 - Painter, beta tester, help in various parts early on.

Grasser - Various help and beta testing.

Trotter - Tribute skin for Colin McRae

Freew and SOM for many hours of beta testing. (seems a bloody long time ago)

Pete (King of RFC) for all his support and fantastic World Championship competitions.

This mod is a stand alone mod and hopefully doesnt require any other mod to run properly.

Mods / MMG F1 1991 - WIP
« on: December 03, 2007, 20: 22 »
OMG vejam (e ouçam) o que está para vir

Pistas / Wanneroo
« on: November 11, 2007, 11: 57 »
By: The Lonely and SLN
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Nov-07
Current release: 1.0, on 11-Nov-07


Mods / F1 2007 MMG
« on: November 07, 2007, 09: 48 »
F1 2007 MMG 2.0

By: MMG and Phil Sousa
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 07-Nov-07
Current release: 2.000, on 29-Nov-08



Hi-Res Textures:

Release Notes for Server Edition v1.0 by Phil Sousa & Petros Mak

Before Installing please remove old version of MMG. (or just remove mmg folder in vehicles)

What's new from previous version?

- New Cockpit Mirrors upgrades for all teams
- Fixed Button Helmet Texture
- Fixed Cockpits for teams
- Fixed Renault Steering Wheel Issues
- Fixed Toyota Trulli Wheel Texture
- Fixed Ferrari Car Model, Suspensions & Textures
- Removed Wing upgrades
- Improved Near Perfected simulation physics / Lap Times.
- New Tires, Fixed Understeer/Oversteer, Fixed grip levels, Fixed Wear Levels. Better Realistic handling.
- Added Wet tires and adjusted Hard tires.
- Fuel Tanks now 150L
- New Braking System. Watch your brake temperature. Cold Temps less than 200 degrees. Best Brakes at 600-950 degrees, overheating brakes 1200+.
- Fine Tuned Gear Ratios
- Fixed Safety Car Physics and Fixed Safety car Speed. Based off real Safety car specs. Now isn't so slow as before.
- Fixed Damage Pit stop Time. Max 100 seconds pit stop for broken suspensions.
- New Damage Physics. Tires do come off after a hard crash
- Reinserted ISI BMW sounds
- Removed BOOST. Now car is set to 19000 RPM at all times. Boost is used for fuel mixutre and minor torque incensement.
- New Good Default Setup
- Reduced Draft Effect
- Reduced Downforce Lost while in drafting effect
- Fixed Fuel Usage

& lots more. (cannot really remember everything at this point). These are only very breif points.

Notes & Unsupported features

- AI has not been looked at for server edition. It is still left in there but it is not optimised. It may be ok.
- Sounds are set back to BMW ISI. We have new sounds coming soon, as it will be an add-on when it is ready
- we have added wet tires. There will be wet tracks coming soon on, and wet tire treads.
- MMG Tracks will be released on a regularly bases. Check our downloads section on

Example Times: Joni Varis sets fastest I have seen in rFactor for Australian in MMG. Qualy time for Server Edition 1.23.

Hope you guys mind some of my spelling errors. I typed this at the last half hour before the release. Didn't proof read it much.

Thank you
Phil Sousa


11 Teams, 22 drivers plus 2 end season drivers
New Different Physics Per Team
Enhanced Artificial Intelligence
Custom Sounds Per Team
New Textures & cubemap
Early Season, End Season upgrades for several teams
New upgrades system New tire upgrades.
Leagues can lock on a bridgestone tire set


Set AI Agression to 100 percent
Set AI Strength to 100 percent
Damage to 50 percent (Default)
We recommend changing your two settings in your PLR for better AI experience.
(this is not required).

AI Limiter="0.10000"
AI Mistakes="0.20000"


There are a minor graphical issues with ferrari front left tire. Also ferrari early season are missing proper wheel caps. We will be releasing a small patch.

We will also be looking to release SE V2.


By using the following mod you are agreeing to the following:

You agree not to modify or distribute any of the files without permission.

You agree not to convert any of the files to any other gaming format.

You agree to not use any of the files for promotional or commercial use without written permission.

Mods / Gasoline Alley
« on: October 08, 2007, 17: 16 »
Gasoline Alley 1.0

By: Gilles Benoit
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 08-Oct-07
Current release: 1.0, on 08-Oct-07

Depois do Mercedes W196, mais um mod histórico. É do criador dos Protons, aqueles prototipos ficticios que surgiram no inico da vida do rFactor.



rFactor / rFactor Update 1.255
« on: September 24, 2007, 09: 52 »
Foi lançado um novo update. Esta versão torna o jogo compativel com a versão de retalho que saiu recentemente na Europa.
Atenção, é necessária nova activação.

For those that wish to update from v1250 to the v1255 here is some information before you proceed.

This update was created to address some online security issues, add additional overall stability, and match the new retail DVD version recently released in Europe. The update consists of these files: rFactor.exe
rFactor Dedicated.exe

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to reactivate rFactor if you upgrade to v1255. Before you do this, find or get your original confirmation email. Make sure you can locate your Activation Number, Order Number and email address used. If you need a new confirmation email sent out to you, visit TryMedia.

Download the update from any mirror site. First move the original files into a \Backup directory. Unzip the contents of the update ensuring you replace all three files. Once you run the new version of rFactor, it will ask you to Buy/Unlock. Follow the Already Paid link at the lower right of the first purchase screen, using the Activation Number and email address from the confirmation email.

If you need to have your email changed or your activations reset, please send a request to purchase at rFactor net

The retail version 1255 is a compilation of
Full version 1150
Brianza and Jiading circuits
Update version 1250
Panoz Esperante and 2007 Sauber BMW F1 vehicle add-ons
Update version 1255

Q: Can I play online with people who have the retail DVD.
A: Yes, so long as you have upgraded to v1255.

Q: While this update work if I have v1150 or below?
A: No, this update will only work on v1250.

Q: Is there a full install for v1255.
A: There is a retail DVD version of 1255 and a digital version will be made available in the future.


Pistas / Jerez 1988
« on: September 11, 2007, 16: 35 »
Jerez 1988 1.0

By: carrera.4
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Sep-07
Current release: 1.0, on 11-Sep-07


Mas o homem não pára?! :biggrin: Carrera4 lança mais uma pista de 1988, agora que vamos tendo o calendário completo falta fazer uma pergunta, para quando os carros?

Pistas / Assen 2001
« on: September 05, 2007, 17: 25 »
By: DutchDevil
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Sep-07
Current release: 1.0, on 05-Sep-07


rFactor / RaceParks by Alexease
« on: August 20, 2007, 09: 32 »
Uma boa surpresa que tivemos há uns dias, ninguem sabia que isto andava em produção, mas este video surpreendeu muita gente. Basicamente é um programa onde podemos fazer as nossas pistas atraves de um sistema de "azulejos", vejam o video e pasmem-se com a facilidade.
Mas claro nem tudo são rosas, isto funciona através de pré-fabricados, por isso as pistas vão ter sempre um aspecto muito parecido, e é um pouco limitado pelo tipo de curvas disponiveis. Mas é optimo para quem quiser fazer pistas ficticias muito rápidamente, ou até para Kartódromos. E pode ser que esta ferramente evolua para algo mais completo, era bonito ver uma parceria entre este programa e o Bob's Track Builder.


It was only a test... I worked only two days on it Nothing special But, I continue it, I repair it, I expand it ... Even more constructor elements, camera editor (curently automated PHP script;D), shaders, more fps, elevation, different straight, curves, bend, bridge, ect.

1. Elevation... Im working... fixed/unit Online Vertex/polygon editing beyond possibility...
2. Additional tiles is problem, because of the online Flash and PHP script not accessible for everyone;(
3. Large track scale = extreme file size. At the moment 6x6 tiles, 10 different unit, 180Mbyte!
4. It there is a little problem
5. Not problem
6. Free.
7. GTR/GTL possible, Race not...
7. (8.:P) 1 weeks.

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