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Project CARS 2: Algarve International Circuit teased

The Algarve International Circuit reared its head in a recently shared video by DinMann, who are know for selling specialist automotive parts. The short off-screen video contains footage showing the Ferrari 488 GT3 racing on the Algarve International Circuit (otherwise know as Portimao).


Bohemia Interactive today revealed that its new tactical first-person multiplayer shooter, Argo, will be launched on June 22nd for free to everyone on Steam. Argo features a variety of multiplayer game modes, a weapon and gear unlock system, leaderboards, a scenario editor, and more. The announcement of Argo’s release date is supported by new screenshots that can be viewed below.

In Argo, players take on the role of mercenaries, who are contracted by two rival factions, and deployed to the island of Malden – a re-imagination of the classic terrain featured in Bohemia Interactive’s very first Arma game (originally released as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis*). Here players need to fight over the remnants of a crashed space station in a 5-vs-5 matchup. At the end of each match, players are awarded experience points based on their performance, which can be used to unlock new weapons, weapon attachments, and gear.

In addition to competitive game modes, Argo features a new cooperative game mode named Combat Patrol. This mode enables up to 10 players to team up and fight against AI in an open-world setting. Due to its randomized objectives and procedural generation of enemy forces, combined with Malden’s 62 km² sandbox terrain, each session of Combat Patrol presents new challenges. To round out the package, Argo also includes a trimmed down version of the 3D Scenario Editor found in Arma 3, which makes it possible to create your own scenarios in just a few simple steps.

Argo was originally made available to the public late last year as part of the Bohemia Incubator label. Released in the form of the “Project Argo” Open Prototype, the game has evolved significantly since then over the course of multiple updates. Some of the most notable changes have been the reduction of in-game UI elements, the introduction of an unlock system and leaderboards, various changes to the terrain, a re-design of the Link game mode, the addition of the Combat Patrol cooperative mode, and various other tweaks to help emphasize the importance of teamplay and communication.

Argo will be available for free on Steam and the Bohemia Store, and will not feature micro-transactions or require any other form of payment to play the game. However, those who wish to support its development will have the opportunity to purchase the completely optional Argo Supporter’s Pack. As the development team’s way of saying thanks, the Supporter’s Pack comes with a few special rewards: 14 exclusive animations for the MVP screen at the end of each match, a bundle of 22 unique apparel items, the ability to use vehicles in the 3D Scenario Editor, access to premium Argo Supporter servers, and the names of supporters will be highlighted on the leaderboards.

Conversa da Treta / Parabéns Luis Branco!
« on: September 01, 2015, 10: 19 »
Muitos parabéns Amigo!!!!

Aproveita bem o dia e  :drinks:

Grande abraço

Conversa da Treta / Parabéns Nuno Basto!!!
« on: November 28, 2014, 18: 03 »
Muitos parabéns!!!!
Que passes um grande dia e que festejes muitos com a malta ;)

Conversa da Treta / Parabéns Vitor Costa
« on: November 06, 2014, 12: 48 »
Muitos parabéns ao grande Vitor Costa!!!

Que passes um grande dia e que faças muitos na companhia da malta!! :drinks:

Grande abraço ;)

titleAssetto Corsa / Assetto Corsa - PTSims Livetiming
« on: October 25, 2014, 14: 56 »
Está disponível o livetiming para o servidor da PTSims no link abaixo, graças ao RSR livetiming.
A página é também excelente para verem os vossos tempos/estatísticas pessoais.
Esperemos que gostem e reportem qualquer problema.

Boas corridas ;)

PTSims Livetimig: Clica aqui / Click here

Powered by:

Conversa da Treta / Parabéns Luis Branco
« on: September 01, 2014, 09: 28 »
Muitos parabéns caro Amigo! Que passes um grande dia.  A que horas é que pagas umas loiras?


Jogos (PC / Consolas) / Hazard Ops
« on: July 01, 2014, 21: 02 »

Parece que este vai ser bem superior ao 1

Crytek's upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC shooter Homefront: The Revolution pushes the CryEngine "to its limits," designer Fasahat Salim tells GameSpot.

"For us, we're really excited by the scale at which we're operating," Salim said. "We're pushing the CryEngine to its limits. This is one of the biggest worlds we've [ever] built at Crytek. So we're very excited about it."

The Revolution is a sequel to 2011's Homefront, which was brought to market by two companies that no longer exist, developer Kaos Studios and publisher THQ. Crytek paid $544,000 for the Homefront franchise during THQ's bankruptcy auction in 2013, and Dead Island publisher Deep Silver is now attached to publish The Revolution.

The original Homefront was set on the west coast of the United States, but The Revolution--which takes place four years into the Korean army's invasion of the country--is set across the nation in Philadelphia. Why choose the city of Brotherly Love?

"When we were thinking about this game, we could have based it anywhere," Salim said. "We wanted to go with Philadelphia because there's a lot of symbolic significance in Philadelphia. It's the birthplace of US independence. To this day, it has a lot of iconic buildings built around independence. It's home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall."

In The Revolution, the Korean army sets up their main camp in Philadelphia. This is a "significant statement of intent" on their part that shows a powershift toward Korea dominating the US, Salim says.

The future of The Revolution, however, has come into question as reports about Crytek's financial stability have come to light. Morale at Crytek UK, the division of Crytek making The Revolution, is reportedly "low," and it's believed that some staffers are not being paid on time. If all goes to plan, The Revolution will be available in 2015.


Jogos de Corridas (PC/Consolas) / Driveclub - PS4
« on: June 26, 2014, 14: 50 »


Wheel stand for your Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOGTM and Saitek pedals. Your joystick, dual throttles and feet plate bolt securely to our wheelstand. The Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOGTM and Saitek pedals are NOT included.
Patented. Built to last a lifetime. Ships from Dallas Texas

Stand comes fully assembled; just attach your gear.

Honey, company is coming! As good as we believe this stand looks, it only takes a couple seconds to fold the stand down and carry it out of the vision of "non-gamers".

Physics: We hear you. You are still thinking that something so small cannot possibly be as good as we [including multiple reviewers and thousands of Wheel Stand Pro customers] claim it to be. It's not a conspiracy; it's actually fairly simple:

>> Strong, very strong construction. Think tank-like.

>> You [the pilot] are holding the joystick securely, tight turn coming up

>> Your feet are on the rudder controls

>> The frame is rock solid

>> So you've got rock solid frame, feet on the rudder controls, hands on the joystick. Your mind is on the awesome sound and graphics of the game. All is good in the world...if must think about the stand while you are playing the've got the wrong stand.

What's in the box? [everything but the Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOGTM and Saitek pedals; you provide that]

>> The Stand

>> The bolts you need to attach your HOTAS WARTHOGTM and Saitek pedals to our wheel stand

>> The tools you need to secure your HOTAS WARTHOGTM and Saitek pedals to our wheel stand

>> Tie-wraps to keep your wiring in line

>> Instructions in English

Where is my HOTAS WARTHOGTM and Saitek pedals?!

>>Not in the box...see above for what's in the box.

Fly like a pro, Wheel Stand Pro.



titleAssetto Corsa / Assetto Corsa - Modding
« on: June 22, 2014, 16: 55 »
Tópico para serem discutidos assuntos relativos a modding: Tutorias, ferramentas, etc...



Hardware & Software / SteamBoy
« on: June 20, 2014, 15: 27 »
Developed by SteamBoy Machine Team, a third party not affiliated with Valve, the video shows off brief, close-up shots of a portable device with the Steam Controller’s signature round track-pads, and Xbox 360-style A, B, X, and Y buttons. The screen is positioned between them, similar to the Wii U’s GamePad.

Hardware details about the device aren't final, and it’s not clear whether it will be able to play games independently or by using Steam’s in-home streaming feature. But the SteamBoy team told The Escapist that the device should feature a Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, a 32GB built-in memory card, and a 5-inch 16:9 touchscreen. It will also connect to the Internet via WiFi and 3G, and will be able to play “the majority of current games in Steam.”

“I think people will get shocked by SteamBoy potential and possibilities,” SteamBoy Machine Team said in a press release. ”SteamBoy is the first device that allows [you] to play Steam games on the go, you will keep playing your favorite games at the bus, the office, the school or the doctor's waiting room.”

SteamBoy Machine Team said that the device is slated for release in 2015.

PS: Temos que registe a frase "Are you Ready?"... :girl_devil: :hunter:

Hardware & Software / Steam Machines
« on: June 18, 2014, 11: 57 »
Resolvi criar um tópico para esta nova plataforma uma vez que muitos de nós já usa intensamente o Steam e poderá a ser uma opção no futuro uma vez que a Valve diz que o grosso do seu catálogo irá correr nestas máquinas...

Irão correr o SteamOS:

Há um conjunto de marcas a desenvolver os seus modelos e de certeza que haverá variantes com performance diferentes.

Qual a vossa opinião? Acham que irão comprar no futuro? Poderá vir a substituir o PC que usam para jogar?

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