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Mods / Re: FIA GT3 MOD
« on: April 13, 2012, 01: 32 »
Now this sounds like fun. Hope the AI are good at driving these.

Arquivo Academy / Re: PTSims Academy 2012?!?!
« on: March 20, 2012, 01: 12 »
Cheers, installing now.

You're not that far mate.. told you already you will race sooner than expected maybe. Just keep around and don't bother too much with the posting. Any thoughts about F1 race? Shout it out here ->;boardseen#new

About the cars... it's about all that and more  ;) there are the rear happy one's, the heavy front one's, and the neutral one's. But you'll have to manage other things like engine peak force, temperature, mileage and tyres... the driving is only around 60% of the overall experinece  :whistle3:

Tomorrow we'll see the lightweights 997 and Z4 take head on the grid. It's inevitable @ Nurburgring and being the season opening. Then, hopefully, things will start to balance with the added ballasts. But don't worrie, you'll get your bit soon. How do you feel about the Z06?


The Corvette? I've driven the default a bit, not I generally drove other GT cars.

Another thing about cars that I like is, lighter the better.

Is only the World Championship got a live broadcast, I don't see them in that link you posted. I see a GT race at Algarve.

Arquivo Academy / Re: PTSims Academy 2012?!?!
« on: March 19, 2012, 21: 14 »
Is there anyway to get the Exige to have some practice in it before the season starts?

Arquivo Academy / Re: PTSims Academy 2012?!?!
« on: March 18, 2012, 13: 20 »
This looks very interesting. Is this where a lot of the top guys in PTsims came to cut their teeth?

If the Exige cars are gonna be used then I would definitely be up for some racing in them.

I know I'm still far off, but I was wondering. If I do get a chance to driver either this season or the next, what are the most prevalent characteristics of each car that can be picked. What would you say if for example, the SLS's strong points and weak points. How you think it would need to be driven to get the best performance out of it and such.

I'm not one to hussle a car, especially big cars like GT cars. I really love a planted rear end which allows me to control the car much easier with the throttle, allowing the rear end to steer the car more,  making the front tyres have to do less work. But still have a very strong front end bite under braking and on turn-in so that I can go aggressive into slower corners and then power through them.

The car doesn't have to be the most sophisticated of machinery, nor does the car's dimensions or weight matter to me, so long as it has good straight line speed which can be used as a bit of a get out of jail free card on tracks like LeMans.

GT Open / Re: GTS2012 - Prova de Teste @ Silverstone
« on: March 06, 2012, 15: 55 »
Can I come and join you all for some fun? If there's a specific car you want me to try I'll jump in it so I can help out.

Sounds like you all had fun. Wish I hadn't been busy, would've joined you all as I love the Nurburgring GP circuit.

I know I'm far off my 50 posts, but is there any way to try out the mod before I get to 50?

If it's obvious, excuse my blindness.  :search:

GT Series 2012 / Re: GT Series 2012 - Carpack
« on: March 06, 2012, 14: 41 »
So the bigger the Back-torque, the greater the engine's ability at slowing the car down?

I would personally go for the largest, even if it made the car a bit more of a handful under braking.

GT Open / Re: GT Open - Calendário
« on: March 02, 2012, 15: 32 »
Ethan i saw you racing in the STC :) great racing there! You were with Regie Blain right?

Now on topic, this is the best calendar by far in any Series i have seen.
Ill race in it an that is the best part ;D hope that you make it too.

On your Bathurst version, if it was approved for TPS then must be good, speak with the guys and maybe they will give it a try.
If you could send me a link through PM i would be very thankful.


Track sent and yip, I did drive with Reggie Blain one year under the banner of Torrent Motorsport during the 2011 Blue Cup when they used the Doran, the cars you use for your Grand-Am races. Great car and great league (also did the 2011 Black Cup in a Audi R8 with Flying Dutchman Racing), shame it's future is in doubt due to RaceDepartment seemingly for some reason no longer being that fond of the Race Series. Yet with mods such as the ones you make and Simracingpro make, it shows how well of a physics engine that Race is built on and that with more time and care, you can have amazing cars. Unlike some of the default cars which are a bit un-balanced and weird.

GT World Championship / Re: GT World Championship - Calendário
« on: February 29, 2012, 23: 37 »
Another amazing looking calender for this type of racing. Navarra would be new to me but I'm sure it would be fun to take part, but I've yet to post enough messages on the fourms to qualify for the league. So I'll keep to the fun events and build up my reputation.

Hope the Ford GTs and Lambo's do well.

GT Open / Re: GT Open - Calendário
« on: February 29, 2012, 23: 33 »
Oh, what a calender, so wish I could race you guys in this. I know every track apart from Nords (well I know it, but have never actually taken part in a GT event there) so I know it would be great fun. I would just pick the easiest car to drive in order to get accustomed to the specification of these cars. I've done STC, 90 minute GT racing before, but the PTsims cars look like they would be great to drive and, I've only been able to drive the 2010 cars.

If you need a Bathurst, I can provide one, I gave it to COnline to use in their WTCC championship. I didn't make it, it was originally built for Season 3 of Touring Pro Series' American Touring Car Championship.

I look forward to the broadcasts.

BMW M3 Challenge / Re: BMW M3 Challenge @ Prova 3 - Brno
« on: February 29, 2012, 23: 26 »
Argh, why do I always push too hard in RWD cars. After spinning the thing for the 5th time, I had enough. It really confuses me because, it's not a hard car to drive fast and I can drive the DTM, GT cars and the Open Wheelers in Race without too much trouble either. Not sure if it's just a mentality of thinking, "RWD cars should slide round corners" so maybe I push too hard mid-corner, where if a car hasn't got that much Downforce (87 M3, E90 etc), end up sliding beyond the point of no return and spin.

Maybe I'm too used to my FWD S2000 cars and should just drive the E90 whenever I do WTCC public racing? I really need to do something about this.

I need to say sorry to Vitor Pina and Miguel Couto for effectively ruining their race on lap 7. I went steered too hard into the final corner and I lost the back end of the car. The car then became stationary in the middle of the track where Vitor Pina couldn't avoid me. Then Miguel Couto couldn't avoid a stationary Vitor Pina.

Sorry again guys.

Hope to catch you all another time.

BMW M3 Challenge / Re: BMW M3 Challenge @ Prova 3 - Brno
« on: February 28, 2012, 21: 16 »
Whoops, not sure how I read it to be Friday. Well hopefully I'll get some running tomorrow after college. Brno is a favourite.

How many laps do you expect this race to be?

BMW M3 Challenge / Re: BMW M3 Challenge @ Prova 3 - Brno
« on: February 28, 2012, 18: 39 »
Friday isn't a good day for me this week boys, so I'm not going to be able to show.

I hope there will be future events that run alongside the PTSims GT championships. Wish I could run in them as long distance GT racing is one of my favourite kinds of racing, but I respect that to race in them, you need to be more involved in the community, so I'll watch the broadcasts again and enjoy the good racing.

Catch you all another time.

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