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Existe a peregrinação de Fátima...e depois existe o Rali da Suécia no Dirt!!! :shok: :shok: :shok: é o que eu acho deste rali  :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Até ia correndo bem até que:

logo que possa mudo a imagem do video lol

LOL em direto!!!

Race Room Racing Experience / Re: Updates 2017
« on: December 01, 2017, 18: 33 »

Highlights of this update:
Audi R8 LMS is now available
Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R is now available
Mercedes AMG GT3 is now available
First pass at true Triple Screen support
64-bit executable

64-bit executable to allow the game to use more memory
First pass for true triple screen support. Right now handled through startup arguments. Full details and instructions on the forums. ( LINK[] )
Game is now providing more information to all players present on a Multiplayer server whenever the server is waiting for players who are still loading into the game.
Added a bindable key to reset FFB while driving.
Hud_options.xml residing in My Documents is no longer encrypted, allowing players to edit and move HUD items around.
Video settings: Car Reflection Quality on High now draws reflections at full framerate.
Added support for Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer wheel
Updated Fanatec SDK to v3.2
Xbox One controller - changed default keybindings to match the Xbox 360 pads
Game no longer allows to drive a sequential gearbox car with an H-shifter. H-Shifter users no longer need to change the H-Pattern gearbox option manually depending on the car they picked. They can now always leave the option always enabled and let the game decide when to use it or not.
Damage system - Fixed a case where the point of impact would not translate properly to the visual damage (for example formula cars were hard to damage visually)
Damage system - Fixed an issue where car deformations could sometimes switch on and off when going backwards in a replay
Damage system - Prevented detachable parts of the cars from detaching when mechanical damage is disabled (to prevent loss of downforce after losing a wing)
Damage system - Fixed detachable parts randomly disappearing in replays or being visible when they shouldn’t.
Damage system - Fixed damage not being visually repaired for opponents in multiplayer after the opponent returned to garage to fix it.
Fixed some issues with the 8-shaped layout of Suzuka where cameras or blue flag detections could be confused by the crossing section.
Fixed an issue where the game would fail to restart the engine if the player cancelled the pitstop right after confirming it.
Fixed an issue where the game could start stuttering when playing long replay files.
Fixed an issue where a traffic cone would be sometimes visible in a seemingly odd location when playing a replay
Fixed car class specific pitstop actions that could sometimes not trigger in multiplayer
Fixed a case where Fanatec CSW 2.5 would be listed twice in controller profiles menu and would not be recognized after being turned off and on again while driving.
Fixed so Opponent Strength setting is now properly used in Free Practice mode (was always using adaptive AI setting)
Fixed missing results at the end of a race session on single lap layouts such as Nordschleife Tourist.
Fixed an issue where lap timer would randomly stop on a Hillclimb run after restarting several times in a row.
Fixed an issue where performing a pitstop at Anderstorp could sometimes result in a cut track penalty.
Fixed a case where the game could sometimes show an Off Track Warning (Black and white flag) for a split second.
Fixed a case where the player could on some occasion be wrongfully asked to give back one position for overtaking under yellow.
Fixed visual suspension vibration of NSU TTS opponents in Multiplayer
Fixed a label on the HUD during warmup session that was wrongly stating “Position”
Fixed a case where attempting to close the game window while in a replay would prevent exiting the game normally.
Fixed an issue with the Bosch DDU7 data display where its white variant would feature some data in green that was hard to read.
Fixed an issue with the Bosch DDU8 data display where the gear indicator could sometimes remain red.
Fixed an issue with the data display in the BMW M235i Racing where fuel amount wouldn’t show the proper unit until player adjusted fuel. Fixed the fuel gauge not matching up.
Fixed an issue where the Pitlane limiter notification wasn’t showing on the KTM data display
Fixed an issue where a white flag warning would show during rolling start procedures
Removed “Allowed to overtake” related text from yellow flag HUD elements since many users reported the extra information led to confusion.

Sound, Physics & AI:
AI - Improved overall behavior when racing in a pack. Stress factor reduced, and improved on the tendency to sometimes turn into the player car.
AI - Rate for AI calculations is now increased for AI’s in the direct vicinity of the player
AI - Fixed an issue on tracks like Zolder where an AI willing to enter the pitlane would easily disregard the presence of other cars on the racing line.
AI - Modified the DRS activation logic to allow DRS on all tracks
AI - Increased pace of AI in qualifying sessions
AI - If an AI car breaks down, it now clears the ideal racing line and slows down once safe to do so. If coming to a full stop within 7 meters of the track, the game will remove the car after 20 seconds.
AI - No longer ignoring other cars at the end of race sessions
AI - More respect for track limits during rolling start procedures
AI - Shouldn’t be caught slowing down for cars exiting pitlane anymore
Grip level in Practice sessions has been increased.
All cars now have reworked gearshift volumes and reverb effects.
Fixed a case where gearshift sounds were missing when driving with AI’s.
GTR3 Car class - Updated physics and tire model
Reduced the rate at which tires get dirty when driving on dirty tarmac (10% slower) and when driving on carpets, astroturf, tarmac runoffs etc (80% slower)
Tires now get clean at the same rate, regardless of what kind of dirt is on the tire.
P4/5 Competizione - New cockpit sounds, Fixed the cockpit camera that wasn’t looking straight horizontal.
H-pattern gearbox cars driven with Autoclutch enabled no longer get an automatic drop of throttle input upon gearshift.
Hockenheim - Tweaks to cut track detection
Indianapolis - Tweaks to cut track detection
Laguna Seca - Tweaks to cut track detection
Lausitzring - Tweaks to cut track detection
Portimao - Tweaks to cut track detection and some AI speed tweaks.
Paul Ricard - Tweaks to cut track detection and some AI speed tweaks.
RaceRoom Hillclimb - Fixed TV camera showing the opposite end of the course when using the reverse layout and looking at the car at the starting position
Sepang GP - Fixed a cut track warning when taking the last turn a bit wide. Added all alternative camera sets.
Sonoma Sprint - Fixed a cut track warning in the final turn

All cars aside from modern DTM now benefit from 360 degrees steering animation. DTM cars will have to be updated at a later point due to the need for retexturing branded driving suits and helmets.
All tracks using the hot weather light settings (ie: Paul Ricard) have received light adjustments
Bentley Continental GT3 - Moved the data display up in the cockpit
BMW M235i Racing - Car no longer produces visual backfires
BMW M6 GT3 - #7 now has its golden rims and #97 received some color balance tweaks
Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Reduced reflectiveness of the rims
KTM X-Bow RR - Car no longer produces visual backfires
Spa-Francorchamps - Some optimizations to improve performance on this track.

Audi TT Cup / Re: Audi TT Cup: Prova 6 @Autódromo do Algarve
« on: February 17, 2017, 12: 47 »
Foi preciso fazer um campeonato com estes carros para dar valor ao carro. Muito bons, corridas todos juntos,  a táctica do P2p. Pena as ausências.
Por mim podemos fazer a última corrida aberta a todos, desde que seja levada com seriedade.
Penso que já não há muito por decidir.


Carro : Chevrolet Cruze
Piloto 1: Diogo Velosa
Piloto 2: Manuel Alves
Skin : # 4

Equipa : PLAYTEAM Race For Fun
Carro: Honda Civic
Piloto 1: Rui Paiva
Piloto 2: Paulo Sousa
Skin : # 18

Equipa : PLAYTEAM Helder Designs
Carro  : Citroen Elysee
Piloto 1 : André Giesta
Piloto 2 : Fernando Silva
Skin : # 25

MÁRIO..uma questão importante....A sector 3 anunciou sair outra release com novo conteudo já em FEV...e se sair o WTCC 2016? Adicionam os Volvos....o que era uma melhoria significativa em termos de campeonato. Em ultimo caso se isso acontecer podiam usar no campeonato os carros do wtcc 2015 + wtcc 2016 , para que quem não quizer comprar nada do wtcc 2016 possa correr com o conteudo de 2015 ....  assim como acontece no audi TT CUP . evita se estar a gastar o desnecessário. Quem quizer comprar algum conteudo do 2016 pode o fazer.
Ficava mais alargado o conteudo disponivel... já que muita gente já tem pelo menos um carro do WTCC 2015.
Em relação ás performances não deverá haver diferença, entre uns e outros visto os carros serem praticamente iguais de 2015 para 2016 , somente adicionam os VOLVOS.

São ideias....

Podem achar que torço pelo RR por só ver isso à frente, mas é mentira. Conheci primeiro o AC do que o Raceroom. Tenho todos os simuladores menos o i Racing, por isso tenho meio de comparação. Parei de correr em AC durante um ano devido a problemas de fps.
Então conheci o RR e depois de um fim de semana happy hour com todo o conteúdo gratuito conheci o RR de verdade e sou fã.
Custava a crer que tivessem feito um simulador tão bom, a nível de sons, fisicas, e FFB.
Talvez o erro deles foi ter o jogo base gratuito, e não ter colocado os packs para compra  logo no início.

Comecei á pouco a usar mais o AC visto que adoro, e com o porsche Pack nem se fala,  e há algumas  sensações que tenho a conduzir que nenhum outro reproduz.

Mas o Raceroom tem vantagem em outras coisas, e no que diz respeito ao WTCC, não há melhor que o Raceroom, a nível da Veracidade visual dos carros, dos sons e das físicas, tal como o Vítor Costa disse. Assim como outras categorias oficias, como o DTM, o ADAC Masters, o Audi TT cup, entre outras.
Sei que para gt3 só usam o AC,  e sim senhir, merece ser usado,  mas  já viram a qualidade e variedade dos Gt3 do raceroom? Está excelente na minha opinião.

Mas... e para concluir,
  nada disto interessa se não houver pilotos inscritos e aí acho que se deve optar pelo campeonato com o simulador que tivesse mais pilotos interessados.
Se for o raceroom fico contente, se for o AC que seja, embora acho que não seja tão bom para o WTCC. 
No entanto, acho que tudo o que tiver abaixo de 20 pilotos inscritos não é suficiente para um campeonato destes.

Por acaso sorri para colocar este post na página principal a ver se a malta acorda.  Por este andar tb concordo,  nem num, nem noutro.

Audi TT Cup / Re: Audi TT Cup: Prova 1 @Hockenheimring National
« on: January 13, 2017, 12: 19 »
Obrigado Mário. Estava na ideia que bastava não participar numa prova que perdia louco os pontos.

Audi TT Cup / Re: Audi TT Cup: Prova 1 @Hockenheimring National
« on: January 13, 2017, 09: 55 »
Report :
 Impossível chegar aos tempos dos primeiros, então do Bonaparte esquecer. 

Corrida 1 : monótona para mim, andei sempre sozinho no 4 lugar.

Corrida 2 : tive uma luta interessante com o  Sheik, ele passou me, e passado um pouco ele teve um momento de lag e ficou atrás de mim colado. Tivemos uma luta até que  aos poucos fui ganhando tempo e consegui distanciar me.

2 quartos lugares, 1 lugar em equipas,  boas corridas.

Parabéns mais uma vez ao Rúben pela transmissão, que sem dúvida faz este campeonato ser mais interessante.

Pena pelas ausências, mais uma vez sem aviso. Este campeonato merecia mais pilotos.

Outra nota : reparo que nas classificações existe uma equipa e pilotos que não apareceram na corrida e tem pontos atribuídos....

titlerFactor 2 / rFactor 2 - Updates
« on: December 20, 2016, 22: 32 »
Release of Build 1108
Finally, it’s time for the first Studio 397 release of rFactor 2!

It’s been a few months since the last build was released, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to give you an update on what the team has been busy working on. After taking over development, our first order of business was optimizing and automating the entire build process and setting up a new internal bug tracking system – two improvements that will help speed up public releases of fixes and features. We brought new members into our team to move the project forward in terms of graphics, user interface, infrastructure, content and overall optimizations, which you will start to see in the first quarter of 2017 and beyond. For this first release our focus was on fixing bigger issues such as video driver crashes, optimizing and fixing elements of the workshop and starting work on improving the stock car and oval experience.

We have invested a considerable amount of time in developing and testing stock car, specifically stock car rules, since the last public release. With the help of a dedicated group of stock car league admins and stock car specialists on our test team, we identified some of the crucial issues that need to be addressed. We continually seek to improve our stock car and oval experience. For this first release of several upcoming changes we focused on sorting issues under caution and adding more flexible options for server admins. We’ve also taken a close look at oval behaviour optimizations of the AI in single player, especially (but not exclusively) for short ovals.

For a more detailed changelog, please go to:

Race Room Racing Experience / Re: Updates 2016!!!
« on: December 20, 2016, 22: 31 »

- Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck after skipping a session in a custom championship.
- Fixed an issue where the car setup file was being saved in wrong directory after loading championship.
- Fixed an issue with cars being too spread out in rolling start and almost going off the road.
- Fixed an issue where tyres were changing regardless of player choice during pitstop.
- Fixed so brake bias etc. can only be changed as long as the player's car hasn't finished the race.
- Reduced ffb slip effects for default xbox gamepad control sets.

- Removed RaceSeriesFormat from multiplayer (now it always use custom/RRE format).
- Disabled full lap time syncing upon joining a dedicated server. It now only requests the best lap time of each opponent instead of all of them. This should help with people experiencing problems when joining a server at the end of a long practice or qualifying session.
- Fixed an issue where opponents driving certain cars such as Audi TT Cup would appear to have a bad stance, appearing taller.
- Fixed an issue with garage countdown timer still being visible in menus after leaving a MP session during garage phase.
- Fixed an issue with dedis not reporting results to backend.
- Fixed issue with dedis not using correct race length for race 2 & 3.

Sounds, Physics & AI:
- Reduced engine sensitivity to side contacts in mid and rear engine cars
- Sachsenring: Fixed AI hitting the tire wall at pit exit
- Red Bull Ring Spielberg: Added alternative layout Südschleife National Circuit
- Finalized Formula RaceRoom 3 physics and AI for release

Portal & Backend:
- Added option to hide password protected servers to MP browser.
- Added quick search field to MP browser.
- Fixed an issue with competition end countdown being inaccurate for players in different timezones.
- Fixed an issue with an essential pack already owned appearing as purchasable when looking at a car in car selection menus.

Já experimentei o 911 Turbo S, está um ver as replays até o som está identico...sem duvida este este Tripe Porsche pack enriquece o jogo bastante. Pena é nao haver tempo para correr com tantos carros.

Race Room Racing Experience / Re: Updates 2016!!!
« on: December 02, 2016, 21: 18 »
Bem , ainda é cedo para lançar foguetes....mas fiz agora 2 corridas, na primeira nenhum problema mas eramos poucos e parti á frente....
Na 2 fui para portimao para os silhouetes, eramos quase 20 e parti da 16 posição....NENHUM a piscar.....até mesmo na confusão da T1....tirando a parte de na T1 serem só carros pelo ar devido ao ser silhouetes em portimao lol, tirando isso....ZERO problemas.... se houve invisiveis nunca apareceram entao..

Esperemos que seja alguma especie de luz ao fundo do tunel, no entanto ainda faltam bugs assumidos por eles por resolver.

Especial atenção ao staff da PTSIMS que coloca os servers UP :

In multiplayer player may not be able to refuel. To avoid this issue, please ensure that the dedicated server is set to use “Custom/RRE” for “Race Series Format”.

In multiplayer players may experience Disqualifications. To avoid this issue please ensure the dedicated server has “Flag Rules” set to OFF and “non ready pitlane start delay” to 0 (OFF).

In multiplayer players may experience issues with reverse grid working incorrectly. To avoid this issue please ensure the dedicated server has “Reverse Start Order Places” set to OFF.

These are temporary workarounds until we provide you with another hotfix patch hopefully next week.

Tenham atenção a isto, visto que por exemplo o bug do desquialify ainda não foi arranjado, mas se colocarem as definições do server como eles dizem , dá para passar sobre isso.

Race Room Racing Experience / Re: Server de testes - Sector3
« on: December 02, 2016, 16: 07 »
Update pelo Joao Mendes :

Ainda em relação à Sector3, ultimas infos:

"Hi again,

We will disable p2p altogether for the time being as the problem is with that.

After some sanity checks we will patch the game for everyone within a few hours. Breaking our own rules by pushing on a Friday but this is ruining the driving experience so we'll go for it.

Keep in mind though gents there are some other known issues so you still might experience DQ's and reverse grid issues. Those we'll solve next week with another hotfix patch. Workaround to avoid those problems for now is to turn them off. Reverse grid off and flag rules off are the only workarounds for the time being.

So no testing needed for the moment. I'd like to thank everyone who participated and provided information. While we haven't really fixed the issue yet we now know that it is isolated to p2p between certain clients. But we can disable it and investigate further now."

dito pelo Developer Sonat Ozturk no forum da Sector3 há pouco.... pode ser desta???