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Patentes e medalhas no Falcon4
« on: April 16, 2013, 11: 10 »
Aqui fica a transcrição de um post que encontrei no Benchmarksims,org, relativo ao tema em epígrafe.

How to acquire a higher grade:
In each mission, you win or lose a certain number of points that come in addition to points already acquired in previous missions. When the total of these point exceeds a certain threshold, you pass to the next grade.

This is how points are calculated at the end of each mission:
Driver status:
OK - 5
Rescued - 5
MIA -15
KIA -25

Device status:
OK - 5

For each missile or bomb dropped: -1
For each gunnery: -0.2
For each impact target of a bomb or missile: 4
For each cannon shot that impacts a target: 4
For each cannon shot that misses its target: -0.2
For every bomb or missile that has no impact on target: -6

And here are the totals by grade points needed to achieve:
150 points = 1st Lieutenant
300 points = Captain
800 pts + 1 = Major campaign is over
1600 pts + 1 campaign has not been lost (or gained zero) = Lt. Col.
3200 pts + 1 = campaign won Colonel

How to acquire new medals:

After each mission, the code calculates your total acquisition related possibility of a new grade, then the code is run on medals.

First factor: Mission Complexity. This factor is based on the flight, the fired ammunition, the number of missiles fired at you by the enemy, and the number
devices in your package. A value between 0 and 6 is derived.

Second factor: Campaign Difficulty. This factor is based on the Ground Campaign Ratio, the ratio Campaign Air Force, the Air Defense Ratio Campaign, the Campaign
Naval Force Ratio, the Enemy Skill Pilot, and the Enemy ADA skill. That is to say Difficulty setting of the campaign, in short. A value between 0 and 20 is derived.

Other factors that are considered are:
Main target destroyed
Aircraft landed
Wingers lost
Naval units destroyed
Destroyed objects
Ground units destroyed

For every coin, so you should have acquired x mission points, points x medal, and satisfy a certain level of realism (the value "realism" in the
Falcon setup).

Points depend on the mission Mission Complexity: 0 to 6.
Points depend on the campaign Campaign Difficuty: between 0 and 20.

Medal points are calculated by multiplying the level of realism by Difficulty Campaign, the Mission Score (between 1 and 5), and Mission Complexity.

This is what is required for each coin:

AIR FORCE CROSS: 9600 medal point, realism level of 90 or more. 4 points or mission more.
SILVER STAR: 7800 medal points, level 70 or more realism. Mission 4 points or more.
DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS: 6000 medal points, level 50 or greater realism. Mission 4 points or more.
AIR MEDAL: 4800 medal points, level 50 or greater realism. Mission 4 points or more. "

Fonte: ... book/page3

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