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« on: January 03, 2008, 13: 56 »
Teretonga 1.0

By: lasercutter and WGTL NZ Mod Team
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 02-Jan-08
Current release: 1.0, on 02-Jan-08


Teretonga Park v1 for rFactor by Lasercutter

Teretonga Park is the Southern-most sealed racing circuit in the world. Lap Length is a mere 2.61km. Every effort has been made to make this circuit as realistic as possible. Due to constraints of the GPL mesh some parts have been left out, but these do not affect the raceability of the circuit.

Testing of this circuit has included people that have raced on this circuit in real life.

Testimonial of a 600cc Supersport racer:
Having turned a few laps today I would have to say that the layout seems bang on from my accounts there. Corner cambers all seem very good. Maybe turn one has a bit more camber in real life but that could just be going from what i feel on the supersport bike. I think the bumps on the main straight are an excellent piece of work. I have had my chin bouncing off the tank many times down that straight from those bumps. Over all looking bloody awesome and a great true to life drive. The track is my favourite to race on in NZ. I love the long first turn and the combination of corners that follow. The super low speed last corner can either make or brake your lap time. Driving your track reminded me of how scary it is to fly into turn one being as brave as pos on the brakes. I think on my bike i enter it doing about 260-270kph and bang dowm a couple of gears on entry. I used the ORSM V8s and the F3 cars to test with and found I get that same feeling almost.

Testimonial from a Classic racer

It is almost 20 years ago that I raced on this circuit. Driving this track brings back alot of vivid memories. Both of my parents and my 2 uncles have raced this track also over the years. My father held the lap record for cars upto 1100 cc for a long time. He was in a supercharged ford 10 powered homebuilt special that vaguely resembled a Lotus 6. I dont recall the time now. One uncle had an off at the hairpin (far side from the pits) at 80mph in his lotus special, which ended his racing days. My mother was following him at the time, and seeing his accident helped her to decide to retire from racing and stick to golf. This representation of Teretonga appears to be extremely accurate in its layout and much of the surrounding areas. Considering lasercutter lives in the UK and has never even seen the circuit I feel he has done an amazing job to create this rfactor track with so much of the feeling of actually being there. Job well done laser.


Installation: Extract to \rFactor\GameData\Locations



# Since 1948 the Southland Sports Car Club Inc. has been one of the leading Clubs in the country. The Club entered the International motor race series in 1956 with the fastest-ever motor race on a road circuit at Ryal Bush. This led to the construction of Teretonga Park in 1957 at Sandy Point, the second purpose-built motor racing track in New Zealand. It was extended to its present configuration in 1966.

# In the golden age of NZ Motor Racing in the 60s and 70s, Teretonga has hosted many of the world’s greatest drivers for example, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham, Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme, Chris Amon, Phil Hill, the list goes on. There is a fine display of memorabilia in the Clubrooms.

# The New Zealand Grand Prix was first held on Teretonga in January 2001. A record number of entries were received for this event, and it has again been held at Teretonga since the 4th & 5th of January, 2003.

# Regarded by many drivers as the best and safest track in the country, it has been up-graded on a continual basis.

# The regular racing programme includes rounds of the local Clubmans Series; featuring rounds of South Island Racing Registers and a very large Classic Car meeting in February of each year.

# The circuit is also used for Sprints and Motorkhanas. Other clubs run Motor Cycle and Drag Races at Teretonga.

# Since 1981 the Club has been actively engaged in the New Zealand Rally Championship.

# On 29 November 1988 the current outright lap record was set by Greg Murphy in a Formula Holden Reynard 92D The time was 51.206 at an average lap speed of 184 kph


please contact for permissions regarding this conversion.

Thanks for the help getting this track finished.

Converted by lasercutter from a GPL beta layout

Thanks to Labratty for permission to use the his GPL layout as a base. James Burroughs Deadeyeski Kiwi_NZ Warren Bennett Jan Duin Hugh Jarse wgtl and wrracing league members ScrafFd

Skies by SLN/Danny/ISI

Cams by Thorsten Reuter

Special thanks to:

Sandyk without whom the track would never have been started and her persistance which helped kick me into gear to get it finished.

The unknown person from who sent a CD of track walk photos to Sandy. These photos have been very useful to get correct placements of objects as none of the team live near the circuit

Adam Kennedy of the Southland Car Club

The Southland Car club for the permission to replicate this track in 3d form and also for their assistance to labratty for him being able to make the layout accurate.

Thanks to ISI for rFactor

A special note of thanks to some great contributors to the rFactor scene.

Dave Noonan for 3DSimed (I would never have started converting tracks without this program)

Piddy for Bobs Track Builder (Another program that continues to astound me)

Pete (Morpheus) for the site that really made rFactor..

Please support them in every way possible.

Known Issues:
Sand traps: are set to realistic. In real life at this track if you go into the sand then you probably wont be coming out. As this is for simulations, it was felt that anything less would make it more arcade like and take away from the realisim. If you keep getting stuck in the sand, then perhaps you need to adjust your braking.

AI Are a bit erratic leaving the pits so take care when passing the pit exit, a revised AIW may follow at a later date.

The bumps at T4/T5 are intentional and are where the track has dropped over the years.