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Flag Rules
« on: March 30, 2017, 17: 29 »
Good news everyone Next week's patch will see the introduction of a long awaited feature: Flag Rules!

We will add support for 7 different flags:

Green Flag

Indicates the start of a session and safe racing conditions.

Yellow Flag

Is shown to the drivers to warn them about incidents ahead. You should reduce your speed and refrain from overtaking unless stated otherwise.
If you illegally passed cars under yellow you will be asked to give those positions back. Failing to do so within 15 seconds will result in a penalty.

Blue Flag

Indicates a faster car approaching from behind, and is typically shown on your out lap or when being lapped. Let the driver pass safely to avoid a penalty.
You have 10 sec to do so, before receiving a first warning, and another 10 sec before receiving a Drive Through Penalty.

White/Black Flag

This flag is a warning handed to the driver for going off track / driving the wrong way / etc.

White Flag

The white flag warns you about a slow car on track. This could be a damaged car trying to make its way back into the pits, a driver rejoining the track after losing control, or a car from a slower class.

Black Flag

The one flag no driver wants to see. If you are receiving a black flag you have been disqualified.

Chequered Flag

The chequered flag is being shown when the winner crossed the finish line and the race is ending.

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