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« on: April 03, 2015, 22: 47 »
We are very happy to make the new v1.58 Malaysia available to rFactor 2 users. The track has had quite an extensive overhaul for what is one of our oldest tracks. The last update was over two years ago!

During the production schedule for the newly released Build 946 it became obvious that the old tonemapper wasn’t working very well on certain tracks. Both Saõ Paulo and Malaysia became the perfect place to experiment with the new tonemapper. Then, because Malaysia hadn’t been given a lot of attention in recent times, we wanted to grab this opportunity to give the place a polishing pass. It is, frankly, a superbly challenging circuit – it deserved it!

Download Malaysia v1.58 Now!
(Requires latest rFactor 2 Build).

Changelog for v1.58s (from v1.43)

- Increased road mesh density on South Loop
– Added RealRoad tech to curbs
– Remapped RaceGroove
– Added special sign
– Reconformed painted stripes
– Cleaned up and improved road art
– Improved road and terrain materials
– Improved barrier materials
– Improved vegetation textures and materials
– Replaced seats with more recent artwork
– Removed negative mip map bias on all key materials
– Optimized access roads meshes
– Optimized fence textures and materials
– Optimized shadow casters
– Optimized reflections
– Optimized terrain materials a little bit
– Optimized scene by removing a lot of non-essential objects
– Grouped objects for better batching to cure stutters
– Fixed about 100 micrograps in terrain
– Fixed armco collision glitch
– Fixed road mapping
– Fixed odd wet patches
– Fixed visibility of distance markers
– Fixed object popups
– Fixed curb reflections due to RealRoad tech (compromise)
– Fixed scale of ambulances
– AIW improvements
– Updated TDF values
– Removed Legacy HDR Profile
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