Author Topic: Wreckfest ex: Next Car Game by Bugbear  (Read 1229 times)

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Wreckfest ex: Next Car Game by Bugbear
« on: October 26, 2014, 11: 31 »
Have You heard ab this game? Creators of Flat Out series had been developing it since 2013. Slowly this project becomes better and better.
We have working online with private lobbies, 5 cars with changeable parts, can be driven with keyboard, pad or wheel.
Imo worth to show it, could be best arcade game in this genereation. Physics and FFB works great, damage model is amazing, overall game brings tons of cruel fun.
I just set wheel to 360' and assists to low (no chance to fight without them!).

Now it's 30% off at Steam 16,8€

Wreckfest with Fanatec CSR on triple screen. European Sedan at Raceway figure eight.