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GTR 2 e o Triple screen
« on: March 20, 2014, 18: 02 »
Encontrei algumas opiniões que podem vir a ajudar e/ou a ser testadas.

Interesting information, even if not really enthusiasming
I have also found a number of posts about the max resolution that can be used without crashing:;topic=16.0
I have to run GTR2 in windowed mode at 2800x970. I played with many resolutions and this was the biggest setup I could get without a CTD online.
If you configure the 3 screens so that you can entirely fit the TV at the grid Window inside the middle screen, the GTR2 does not crash. This is done by applying negative values to the "sideExtraWidth". But the side monitors are unusable since the images are streched;
From it seems that the length of the player names matter...
If you want to play in a higher resolution than 2400x600 the playernames have to be max. 5 letters or a blank within the first 5 letters.
Change the plr-file from i.e. "Deathracer.plr" to "Death Racer.plr"

and the CTD's I got at 2400x600 happened when the message "loading <player_name>" was displayed and the name of the player was very long (longer than most usual names)
If this is true a workaround would be to get in game before the "long name" guys, but 2400x600 would still be the max resolution.
We ran a race last night with 40 people in the server. 2 guys were able to do the whole race and all Q sessions without dropping. Both were running at 4800x900 resolution. We tested after the race, and a name with over 9 characters (first name or nickname) crashes every time. 9 or less was OK.

They got lucky, because there was a 9 letter name in the server!

This was the 3rd straight successful race for one of them with 35+ starters.
Parece que o tamanho dos nomes e o monitor in game são a principal causa dos crashes.
Embora seja rapido e facil, talvez seja exagerado estar a pedir a todos que troquem os nomes para algo tipo o meu que aparece como N. Macedo ou Nuno M.(mas o primeiro nome max 5 letras e no total 9 letras a contar com o espaço), mas para ja, na proxima corrida vou testar baixar a resolução do windows e do jogo para 3940x800 ou ate 2400x600 (tenho monitores de 19, para maiores nao faço ideia os valores). Baixando a resolução do windows para a mesma do jogo, a janela do jogo ocupa os 3 monitores por completo.

Caso a malta não se importe de trocar os nomes seria optimo pois poderiamos testar se efectivamente é esse o problema e assim permitir ao resto dos lesados utilizar o equipamento da melhor forma.
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